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With reviews at, our goal is to provide thorough and honest critical evaluation of the tech products. We want to ensure that you are armed with the knowledge that you’ll need to make informed purchasing decisions and to better understand how your interests may align with upcoming releases. 

When you click away from a review, we want you to feel as if you understand how a piece of media succeeded, why it may have fallen short of expectation, if it’s enjoyable, and whether it’s ultimately worth your precious time and money. 

A rigorous editorial process is used for every review to ensure its impartiality and accuracy. The score, which sums up our opinions, is decided jointly by the reviewer and the senior Removu editorial team to guarantee that it is given consistently within the parameters of our review scale and fairly reflects the information in the written review.

Employs a “10-point” rating system to We assign ratings to tech products is a five-star system with intervals of 0.5. Below is a summary of the Removu review rating system.